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Runners from 1984


1978 : 7" : Runners from 1984 - EP

This material was recorded 1978/79 by Richard Butler & Patrick Leagas. The greater part of the writing by R.Butler. 500 copies were pressed but due to damage I estimate that no more than 400 were ever in circulation,some stock being sold by RoughtTrade via the 'Bunker' where Douglas P was employed at the time. RF84 was formed in 1977 and performed several shows in the South East of London during 78/79. Tony Wakeford briefly join the duo before the formation of Death in June in 1980. Patrick & Tony then went on to form DIJ with D.Pearce. Richard Butler later became a member of DIJ just before and during the NADA period. The recording on this vinyl does not do justice to the originality and power of their live performances. This recording has not and will not be re released. Any questions ? P.Leagas