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Bands classified by person, in chronological order when possible.


Douglas P.

Tony Wakeford

Patrick Leagas


(people who have been regularly collaborating with Death In June on albums and concerts)

David Tibet

Has been contributing lyrics and vocals from 1984 to 1995, in live and studio albums.

Richard Butler

Collaborator on the 1984/1985 period.

Rose McDowall

Rose McDowall has been doing vocals for Death In June from 1986 to 1995, in live performances and studio recordings.

Andrea James

Contributed to Death in June from 1986 to 1988.

Ian Read

Ian Read has been collaborating with vocals since 1986 to Death In June, in live and studio recordings. Douglas P also produced and appeared on some of his own albums.

Boyd Rice

Boyd Rice & Douglas P. have been collaborating extensively with each others from 1988 until recent days.

James Mannox

Live & studio drummer from the early to the mid 90's.

Simon Norris

Has been contributing from (around) 1991 to 1995 with various instruments.

Campbell Finley

Trumpetist who has been playing on studio recordings from the early 90's up to now.

John Murphy

Live drummer of Death In June since 1998.


People who have been sparsely collaborating with Death In June (more than one album), or who have been members of project Douglas P has been collaborating with.

Gary Carey

Contributed on The World That Summer. His band Joy Of Life was produced once by NER.

David Tiffen


John Balance

John Balance has contributed a few vocals on Brown Book.

Nicolas Schreck

Done some vocals on The Wall Of Sacrifice

Michael Moynihan

Collaborated on the Boyd Rice & Friends album "Music Martinis & Misanthropy"


Collaborated on the Les Joyaux De La Princesse album "Ostenbraun"

Graham Hawkes

Played organ on the Cathedral of Tears MCD/EP

Michael Cashmore

Collaborated on live and studio recordings on the But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? period.

Richard Leviathan

Contributed as live musician to Death In June in the mid/late 90's, as well as a collaborator on various side-projects.

Timothy Jenn

Collaborated on various side-projects.

Helmut Boettcher

Did some vocals on Kapo!

Max Wearing

Has contributed with spoken words on Rose Clouds Of Holocaust, and Occidental Martyr.

Sinisa Ocurscak

Croatian musician whose project Tehom was produced by Douglas P.

Andreas Ritter

Collaborated as live & studio musician around the All Pigs Must Die period.

Evelyn E Overholser

Douglas P. contributed some vocals on one of her albums.

Mario Kalendari

Contributed on Abandon Tracks.

Jeremy Hirsch

Contributed on Abandon Tracks.

Thomas Nola

American musician and film director, Douglas P contributed some spoken words on his movie OST "The Doctor"



Jan O Higgins

  • Sound ingeneer at Alaska Studios
  • PHOTO : [1]
  • Also worked with :Fields of the Nefilim, 4 Skins, The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, The Bollock Brothers, Scab, Robyn Hitchcock, Blue Aeroplanes, The House Of Love, Giant Sand, Downy Mildew, Pop Defect, etc...

Enrico Chiarparin

Author/designer of the picture-discs

Robert Ferbrache

Sound ingeneer

Ken Thomas

  • Sound ingeneer
  • Also worked with : Test Dept, Laibach, Malaria, Alien Sex Fiend, Elton John, Psychic TV, 23 Skidoo, Gaye bikers on acid, Sugarcubes, Von Magnet, Paper monsters, Wire, The au pairs, The bush tetras, Clock dva, Sigur ros, David Bowie, DAF, etc..

Dave Lokan

Sound ingeneer

Tony Mantz

Mark Hamill


  • Morris Hood
  • Kevin Brownlow
  • Andrew Mollo
  • "The Innocent Kapo everywhere"
  • Barnaby Miln
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Charlie
  • "The Train Of Life"
  • Jack Collyer
  • Butch Calderwood
  • Lord Peter Lane
  • Dennis Suckling
  • Dinko Bazadona
  • Douglas Seaton
  • Peter Winkworth
  • Michael Smith (RIP 20/01/1989)
  • John Pitcher
  • Manfred Neben
  • Kevin McMahon
  • David Hoskins
  • Boris Pirkic
  • Snowgirl
  • Tomislav Buric
  • Sven Weissflog