PERF202-2005-04-10-USA-NEW YORK

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The location, which was kept secret until shortly before the show, was the Pyramid Club in Greenwich Village, NYC.

"Sunday, April 10, NY Decay Finally brings back to NYC, areas only exclusive show for legendary DEATH IN JUNE. With special guests Dead Fly Ensemble from LA(Cinema Strange side project) exclusive premier performance.

We will have 2 shows one at 1 pm ad one at 4:30 at an intimate , legendary NYC Club.

There will only be 150 tickets available for each shows, Get your tickets early these shows will most definitely sell out.

Get Tickets here

Tickets are 25$ or 30 at the door (if there are any available)

The Venue is located in the East Village, NYC in a 3 Room historic venue. More info"

Note: At the last minute David E. Williams was added to the lineup as the first opening act.


  • Set 1
  • Death of a Man
  • Till the Living Flesh is Burned
  • Ku Ku Ku
  • But What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?
  • The Guilty Have No Pride
  • Giddy Giddy Carousel
  • Runes and Men
  • The Honour of Silence
  • Kameradschaft
  • The Mourner's Bench
  • Because Of Him
  • He's Disabled
  • Little Black Angel
  • Come Before Christ and Murder Love
  • Luther's Army
  • Symbols of the Sun
  • Tick Tock
  • Disappear in Every Way
  • 13 Years Of Carrion
  • Behind the Rose (Fields of Rape)
  • Fall Apart
  • She Said Destroy
  • Set 2
  • Bring in the Night
  • C'est un Rêve
  • To Drown a Rose
  • Rose Clouds of Holocaust
  • Torture by Roses
  • All Pigs Must Die
  • The Enemy Within
  • Leopard Flowers
  • Death Is The Martyr Of Beauty
  • Smashed to Bits (In the Peace of the Night)
  • Omen-Filled Season
  • Runes and Men
  • Little Black Angel
  • Death of the West
  • Flies Have Their House
  • Fall Apart
  • Behind the Rose (Fields of Rape)
  • Hullo Angel
  • The Golden Wedding of Sorrow
  • Rocking Horse Night
  • She Said Destroy
  • Giddy Giddy Carousel
  • Leper Lord
  • But What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?
  • Heaven Street
  • Kameradschaft
  • Death of a Man