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October 16th, Death in June and Boyd Rice at The Pound...

We arrived a bit late to The Pound which seems to have changed their setup a bit since the last time I was there so it was sort of like walking into the middle of a movie. Actually it was exactly like that because apparently there was a movie playing which featured Boyd Rice and lots of other noteable luminaries of the "industrial" scene. I hated that movie. Lets just say that bad acting doesn't make a movie any better.

So after the movie ended the audience was subjected to some terrible music by 1950's girl bands and then Boyd Rice came on stage and played for a little while. I wasn't too impressed, but at least he played Total War. Actually the best part of his set was the audio Boyd Rice/Columbine collage that played for ten minutes before he even got on stage. Oh well, maybe next time.

Death in June played an all acoustic set, starting with his awsome white-face mask, and then moving onto some sort of outfit that made him look like he was about to go duck hunting. He played a LOT of older songs and was onstage for quite a while, at least an hour I think. It was interesting and there was lots of fashion amongst the audience.

Afterwards we headed back to the homestead to drink mixed drinks and take pictures of the now-departed Yarra du Jour who has moved back to Portland. She has hinted on offering the occaisional scene report from Portland, so stay tuned for that.

View the pictures here:

Alternate review by EricK...

The Pound is on the Pier which sucks, but is right near the freeway, which is cool. I think for this lineup the venue was pretty appropriate. They played part (or all?) of 'Pearls Before Swine', a movie that Boyd has some association with. You couldn't really follow it cuz everyone was talking, but it didn't matter.

Boyd played for like 15 minutes, but at least he played 'Total War', Douglas came out and played a guitar for him, and drumming was whatisname from DIJ. For the short amount of time he played he was really good. Overall I was dissapointed.

Douglas P. played a good set, if a bit subdued, he didn't really talk a lot, dedicated a song to David Tibet, talked some shit about World Serpent, etc. He was pretty good, but a little quieter than last time.

The crowd was okay, the merchandise table was adequite, they didn't have t-shirts though, so I bought the DIJ 13 month calendar (June to June), the cover of which is autographed by Douglas, and has some funny pictures and some good pictures. The show in 1997 was better, longer, and louder, this show was pretty good though.