Lyrics:STJ-The force of truth and lies

From Death In June
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The force of truth has worn them down
Their time has come, they’ll fight no more
They fought to an end
That end has come
Their scattered forces
Don’t know where to run
The force of lies has caused this confusion
That there is something to live and die for
There’s no need to fight
The cause is useless
The time will come
To lay down your arms
The end has come for all thes lies
Life is worthless, no need to cry
The end has come
For all this confusion
Life will die
There’s no need to cry
The world goes round
And the ages pass
No need to regret all things past
All that is coming, all that has ended
Reject them now, no Christ is coming
The earth will die, but no one will cry
Existence now ended, peace has descended
The blue light out, the yellow sun gone
All in darkness, our bright minds extinguished