Lyrics:STJ-The Blond Beast

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Over the crashing tides of the world
His is the will to force and form
He could be the ruler
As he is the master
He is the blond beast
The savage race of light
The future calls him out of his times
Out of history, out of nature
For the first time in the world
For the last time in his life
As the beast preys upon the beast
And wrestles the power of the pride
The seat of decay is assumed
The virus within builds a cage without
For mixed with wine is a posion vile
The tainted blood of victory’s prize
As the will to reign
Is withdrawn from within
By feelings of imposed remorse
As the ages pass
And the malady increases
In the moving cage the tracks the paw
The rion bars entwined in flesh
Withhold the pounce of the iron claw