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New European Recordings (NER) is the music label of Douglas Pearce of Death In June.

Founded in 1981 by Douglas Pearce, NER has released material by Death In June and various other artists since the early 1980s until present day. Distribution has varied. In the 1980s, while Pearce was employed by Rough Trade Records, the company also acted as his distributor. In 1991, until the late 1990s, distribution was handled by World Serpent Distribution and NEROZ in Australia. After a lawsuit Pearce filed with World Serpent Distribution in the late 1990s, NER and several other labels broke relations with the company. NER moved the bulk of those effected titles to Tesco Organisation immediately after but has since split his distribution to Soleilmoon Recordings in America with the founding of NERUS.


Sublabels of NER used for releases by other groups/projects besides Death In June itself have included NEROZ (New European Recordings Australia), Twilight Command (initially a joint Croatian/Australian label), Leprosy Discs and NERUS (New European Recordings United States).