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Death in June

2006 - CD - Nerus – NERUS 2

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Feature a rehearsal studio recording in 1981 of nine songs, some of which were never named or released. These are coupled with eight live songs from the seminal performance at Alan McGee's 'The Living Room' club in London, 9th September, 1983. The CD comes in a black and silver foil-blocked gatefold sleeve 'softpak' which includes a 9.5" x 9.5" (24cm x 24cm) double-sided poster. This is an official release of the same titled bootleg.

2005 - CD - BOOTLEG - Supernatural Organization – SND 66

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Limited to 1000 copies. While the liner notes state that the CD was released in 1999, it was in fact released in 2005. It was NOT produced in Japan, nor is it a bonafide Supernatural Organization release. It is an Australian release, made by the same company that produced several recent Joy Division bootlegs.

Tracks 1-8 are alternative demo-versions of songs taken from a 1981 rehearsal tape. These appear also on the Archive Material cassette. Tracks 9-16 recorded live at the Living Room in London on September 9 1983. "Heaven Street" is incomplete (fades out) and the gig is missing "Sons Of Europe". This performance was also available on one of the tapes released by Patrick Leàgas.