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Death in June

2012 - 2LP - New European Recordings/Neuropa Records – BAD VC34– BAD VC30-20-8

The pressing is limited to 880 various shades of red coloured vinyl copies, coming in a red foil-blocked gatefold sleeve, 400 of which will also come with a bonus 3 track picture disc 7″ featuring live tracks from the 5 track CD/12″ single originally released in 1993.

2012 - 2LP+7" - New European Recordings/Neuropa Records – BAD VC34– BAD VC30-20-8

R-3327344-1326132867.jpeg R-3327344-1326132877.jpeg

A special edition of 130 copies will also come with a signed and numbered double-sided b/w poster (approx. 16.5″/41 cm x 23.5″ x 58 cm) on blue/black/white swirled vinyl.

Text on rear of the Sleeve:

  • 30th Anniversary of Death In June 1981-2011
  • Celebration Edition
  • This vinyl issue also marks the 20th Anniversary of original CD only releases in 1991-1998.

Text on 7":

  • Recorded live in Paris 5.1.93.
  • Originally formed part of "Cathedral Of Tears" CD single and 12" picture disc issued 1993
  • BAD VC30-20-8


1998 - CD - New European Recordings : NER BAD VC CD 34

Track 9 'Brown Book' is a different version than on the 1st CD editions. The CD has a Whiphand6 instead of the Totenkopf6.

Quoting :

In the late '90s - probably early 1998 - wsd wanted to drop the Totenkopf 6 logo from 'The Corn Years' CD and suggested that 'Brown Book' original LP version be dropped from 'The Cathedral Of Tears' compilation CD as well as the 'T6' logo.

Both compilations had sold very well and they/I wanted them to continue to sell well but with the information they said they'd received about 'attitudes' in Germany about to change and become less accepting/tolerant thought it wise to do future pressings differently. Germany, afteral, is the 2nd largest music buying market in the World. wsd even stopped manufacturing the 'T6' T-shirts they'd sold so many of.

Rather than drop 'Brown Book' completely I remixed/re-recorded it and replaced the original version with it on 'The Cathedral Of Tears' without any other notification other than the change from using the 'T6' logo to using the Whiphand 6 logo. This is the version of 'Brown Book' that appears on CD2 of the 20th Anniversary Stone Circle Edition of 'Brown Book'. The main vocal theme is a recording I have of women weeping and singing by a Croatian soldier's grave rather than the Horst Wessel Lied.

The Whiphand 6 logo appears on only these late/last pressings of 'The Corn Years' (musically this is still the same as the original version with the 'T6') and 'The Cathedral Of Tears' CD compilations which were amongst the last things I manufactured via wsd before splitting in December, 1999. I don't know how many were pressed as everything got a bit 'hazy' with accounts towards the end. At least 1,000 apiece.

1991+1993 - CD - New European Recordings : NER BAD VC CD 34

R-2369002-1295557884.jpeg R-2369002-1343548751-2978.jpeg

CD has a Totenkopf6.


  • Track 1 & 8 are previously unreleased versions of these tracks.
  • Tracks 2, 5, 7 & 9 are from Brown Book LP
  • Track 3 is a previously unreleased track
  • Tracks 4, 6 & 11 are from The World That Summer 2x12" [Note: Track 4 was originally released under the title "Reprise #1"]
  • Track 10 is a previously unreleased track, recorded live at Bar Maldoror, London 29th May, 1991.