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Death in June

Side A is studio material, including a reworked version of "All Alone In Her Nirvana".

Side B is the complete gig recorded live at the Clarendon Hotel, London, October 6th, 1983. The gig is usually wrongly dated as "December 17th, 1983", but Douglas P. said it was probably recorded on the October night at the Clarendon Hotel. A complete and different audience recording of the December 17th, 1983 gig might confirm that statement.

This is the last LP released with Tony W. before he left Death In June.

2010 : Picture LP : Leprosy Discs : UBAD VC4P

R-2460116-1285272439.jpeg R-2460116-1285272454.jpeg

R-2460116-1285272498.jpeg R-2460116-1285272547.jpeg

Now issued for the first time as a picture disc, in an edition of 500 copies. Includes bonus 7 inch picture disc with re-recorded versions of “Death Of The West” and “Heaven Street”.

2006 : CD : Leprosy Discs : UBAD VC CD4



1994 : CD : Leprosy Discs : UBAD VC CD4


Crystal box

1984 : LP : Leprosy Discs : UBAD VC 4


Another reissue featured marbled pink vinyl in a non-embossed sleeve.

1984 : LP : Leprosy Discs : UBAD VC 4


Black vinyl and another blue vinyl were issued in a non-embossed sleeve.

1984 : LP : Leprosy Discs : UBAD VC 4

R-2888513-1317789989.jpeg R-2719860-1297982611.jpeg

dij-1984-burial-jaune.jpg dij-1984-burial-red.jpg dij-1984-burial-trans.jpg

Later on subsequent coloured vinyl pressings of 1000 each came on Red / Yellow / Transparent / Orange / Green / Blue / Pink vinyl also in embossed sleeve.

1984 : LP : Leprosy Discs : UBAD VC 4

R-1729098-1264332481.jpeg R-1729098-1264332474.jpeg

R-1729098-1264332480.jpeg R-186372-1106609228.jpg

First LP pressing of 2000 copies in brown vinyl. Another 2000 copies of the first pressing come in white vinyl. Full embossed cover sleeve.



Scratched message

Never throw away a key / Or a Porky prime's cut