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2012 : LP : Fedetfinisaborigine – FFA 066 - BOOTLEG!

  • Very bad quality bootleg
  • Red vinyl

2009 : CD : New European Recordings – BAD VC CD11/2


This is a new edition of the bonus CD accompanying the 20th Anniversary Stone Circle Edition of Brown Book issued in 2007. Packaged in a brown cardboard folder with booklet and two decals.


  • Tracks 1 to 7 : Remastered tracks from "Brown Book"
  • Tracks 8, 9 & 11 : From "Abandon Tracks" 2005.
  • Tracks 10 : From "The Cathedral Of Tears" CD compilation 1991.
  • Tracks 12 & 13 : From "To Drown A Rose" 10" 1987 & "The Corn Years" CD compilation 1989.
  • Track 14 : From 'Whiphand 6' logo version of 'The Cathedral Of Tears' CD compilation 1998.
  • Track 14 is listed as "Brown Book" in booklet and as "Braun Buch Zwei" on folder.

2007 : 2CD Stonebox : Nerus – BAD VC CD 11/20


  • 20th anniversary edition : deluxe boxset with original LP artwork and carved soapstone round box, limited to 1000 copies. Each copy has a unique colour.


  • Includes 4 round inserts and 4 patches.
  • Originally released on vinyl in 1987, and on re-mastered CD edition in 2000.


  • Tracks 1-1 to 1-11 : From the original 'Brown Book'
  • Tracks 2-1 to 2-7 : Remastered tracks from 'Brown Book'
  • Tracks 2-8, 2-9 & 2-11 : From 'Abandon Tracks' 2005.
  • Tracks 2-10 : From 'The Cathedral Of Tears' CD compilation 1991.
  • Tracks 2-12 & 2-13 : From 'To Drown A Rose' 10" 1987 & 'The Corn Years CD compilation 1989.
  • Track 2-14 : From 'Whiphand 6' logo version of 'The Cathedral Of Tears' CD compilation 1998.


2000 : CD Digipack : New European Recordings : NER BAD VC CD 11


  • Originally released on vinyl in 1987, this new CD edition was "Reinforced and Reinvented" in 2000. Released in a textured tan Digipak with 6 page lyrics booklet and 3 extra tracks.


1996 : Picture disc : New European Recordings : NER BAD VC 11




  • Comes in a plastic sleeve with 12"x12" info sheet, this picture disc reissue features artwork on both sides by Enrico Chiarparin.
  • Limited to 2000 copies.

1990 : LP : New European Recordings : NER BAD VC 11



  • Second edition only has insert.

  • Reissue from 1990 with textured tan brown sleeve & yellow golden ink (while 1st pressing came with orange golden ink), mate plain brown inner sleeve and insert (with soldier but without lyrics on the back).

1987 : LP : New European Recordings : NER BAD VC 11



  • First edition comes with insert and postcards
  • Original Release (1987): Packaged in a textured tan brown sleeve with plain brown inner sleeve, a big brown sepia photo of Douglas on an A4 textured sheet with statement on the reverse side and lyrics sheet. Also mail order inserts for Death in June + Sol Invictus. The vinyl has the phrases "A holy death for Douglas...." and "To be re be reborn." scratched into it.


Scratched message on LP

A holy death for Douglas....To be re be reborn.


  • Recorded between 1986-87 at Alaska Studios, London.
  • Studio Engineer: Iain O'Higgins



In the stillness of a snowbound night. Brilliant white flares drift earthwards. The young men await the onslaught. The runes are cast. Silhouettes of pain. Beauty torn apart. To caress the pure snow. The rose slowly drowns, alone in the night. The ultimate sacrifice. Forged in blood. Belief is strength and they never wavered.

The plaintive sound of a trumpet drifts on the icy air. Our idols are dust. But the dream has not diminished. Amongst a life of banality, betrayal and inevitable decay; a search for meaning, a longing for, ‘The World That Summer'. The pillared halls of silence are filled with an overwhelming sense of sadness and despair. The soundtrack to solitude.

Tears fall, echoing in dark pools. A bell is shattered. Punishment begins. The angel weeps to be so tortured. In sweat and pain the ritual blows are placed. On command! The kiss of agony. Bloody petals blossom. Our first rehearsal ‘for love and for death'. The rose must be taken in its prime and severed with steel. ‘Honour the Blade!'

Further words would be futile. Dead leaves scattered among your dreams. Listen and understand. The ‘Heilige Tod'.

‘Hath not the Soul descended Upon those that are Living....'

J.R.P. 1987 - an extract taken from a leaflet accompanying initial copies of “Brown Book” sent to France