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Joy Of Life

Joy of Life formed in the early 1980's. A mini LP 'Enjoy' was recorded and released on NER (New European Recordings) circa 1984. Joy of Life's second recording an LP entitled 'Hear the Children' was released by the band when a recording deal with a not to be named Italian record label fell through. Gary C collaborated with Douglas P. on the Death in June recordings 'To Drown a Rose' EP and 'Brown Book' LP. Gary C also appears on keyboards on the track 'Since Yesterday' featured on the Current 93 LP 'Swastikas for Noddy'. Joy of life disbanded in 1988 and reformed briefly in the early 1990's On the 10th of May 2008 takes a concert place in Leipzig (Germany) at the Wave-Gothic-Meeting (Wave-Gotik-Treffen / WGT) with help of Dev of While Angels Watch.


  • Enjoy (LP) New European Recordings 1985
  • Hear The Children (LP) Cadre Records 1988
  • Enjoy / Hear The Children (CD) Hyperium Records 1992

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