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1999 : CD : Der Tod Im Juni : Label:Goeart : GZ K52714


  • 1 Death In June - Unconditional Armistice
  • 2 Der Blutharsch - Untitled
  • 3 Forseti - Ewigkeit
  • 4 NON - C'est Un Rêve


Limited edition of 1166 copies. Packaged in a round silver can with a card stock wraparound cover tied with a string. This compilation CD was made specially for one particular live show at Burg Falkenstein in Harz, Germany on June 5 1999, with remaining copies sold off after the show. The price of the ticket for the show included this CD.

Tracks 1-3 are previously unreleased studio tracks and track 4, credited to "NON & Freunde", is live from Lausanne, Switzerland 11/19/98 (a show that Death In June was banned from performing at, thus NON covered the Death In June song "C'est Un Rêve" with slight lyrical alterations).

2003 : 7" : Der Tod Im Juni : Bootleg


  • A - Death In June : Unconditional Armistice
  • B - Der Blutharsch : Untitled

General notes

  • Bootleg reissue of two tracks originally appeared on the CD5" compilation Der Tod Im Juni.
  • It came on red vinyl.
  • Only 20 copies came in wooden box with two A4 posters and a card.